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Vacancies from Government Departments in South Africa

Welcome to where we strive to bring to you the most recent jobs and available within South Africa. It is essential that in your job search, you gather as many sources as you can then follow it through. The jobs posted here are mainly from the department of public service and administration (dpsa) as well as some top organisations here in SA. From opportunities for cleaners, to receptionist, to caller jobs all the way to jobs in engineering, agricultural jobs, jobs in the medical field, advertising jobs and many more.

Applying for a job with our help has never been easier. We work to gather as many resources that would be valuable for you in your search and put it all in one place for your easy use. Whether you are searching for your first job outside of school or you are just changing jobs to improve your salary or get more opportunities for career progression. You are at the right place. Go through are resources and use it in your search.


These jobs are published on a weekly basis in a format that you can easily go through and find what you are looking for. Among the listing below you will find any type of job. You only need to read the instructions and follow them to the letter. These instructions include:

  1. Applications are done on a Z83 form accompanied with the full details of the training you’ve undergone, qualifications and the competencies you’ve developed over the period. These together must be put together with on a CV and sent to the department in particular that you wish to apply for and the vacancy that you’re applying for.
  2. Applicants must indicate the reference number of the vacancy in their applications.
    Do not go to the DPSA offices for such information. Always deal with the department in question. Its stated on the job advertisement.

When applying for any of these vacancies there are some documents that will prove very important to you. You need not neglect them in your application as the will determine if you will get the job or not.

Documents to not forget

  1. Getting a Z 83 form to use for the application.
  2. Finding out the current salary ranges for the various professions in South Africa.

How to Apply for a Job Vacancy with a Department listed

  1. Get a Z83 form for use in the application process.
  2. Fill the form with the necessary details, especially stating fully your qualifications, training and any other competencies you may have.
  3. Do not forget to write the reference number associated with the job position you are applying for. The reference number for the position you are applying for can be found with the pdf next to the job you are interested in.
  4. Make sure that you send your application to the right department you are seeking to be employed in before the closing date. Goodluck.

Things to Know About the Z83 form

What is the purpose of the Z 83 form

To assist a government department in selecting a person for an advertised post. This for may be used to identify candidates to be interviewed. Since not all candidates will be interviewed you  will need to fill this form completely, accurately and legibly. This will help to process your application fairly.


Only persons wishing to apply for an advertised position in a government department.


This form requires basic information. Candidates who are selected for interviews will be requested to furnish additional certified information that may be required to make a final selection.

1- All information will be treated with the strictest confidentiality and will not be disclosed or used for any other purpose than to assess the suitability of a person, except in so far as it may be required and permitted by law. Your personal details must correspond with the details in your ID or passport.

2 – Passport number in the case of non-South Africans.

3 – This information is required to enable the department to comply with the Employment Equity Act, 1998.

4 – This information will only be taken into account if it directly relates to the requirements of the position.

5 – Applicants with substantial qualifications or work experience must attach a CV.